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Undead Arena

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$55 (Plus Sol Raiders/ Engineerium/ Undead Arena x2)

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$60 (Plus Sol Raiders/ Engineerium/ Undead Arena x2)



The apocalypse has been, and gone.
Things are back to normal.
Survivors band together, we all live in fortified cities, and zombies are everywhere.
There’s that reality TV show everybody watches where you can get rich and become a star or die a horrible death and become an actual zombie. All televised, live, for the world to see.
So yeah. Normal. Basically.


You and your friends are the stars of a post-apocalyptic game show in an ‘80s-retro world.

Fight your way up a multi-level arena for the enjoyment of a crowd hungry for mayhem, and the amusement of one wildly enthusiastic game show host.

Win, and become legends. Lose, and join the horde.

Get ready for Undead Arena!


The successor to Zombie Survival, one of the most popular VR experiences of all time, Undead Arena is a brand new arcade-style cooperative experience that takes zombie-slaying with friends to new heights.

From the creators of the first free-roam virtual reality zombie survival game, now’s your chance to find out if you’ll survive the apocalypse!


Perfect for your first time in free-roam VR. Are you a seasoned pro? Then keep an eye on the leaderboards and shoot for the high score in your city and the world!

Weapon Of Choice
Switch quickly between assault rifle, shotgun and crossbow and lay waste to zombies at any range, in your style.

Use Your Surroundings
Discover traps across the arena and trigger them at the perfect moment to toast zombies by the dozen.

Loud Mouth
Calmly talk your teammates through strategic plays and lead them to stardom, or yell from the sheer horror of it all. Just survive.



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