Free Roam Full Body VR Immersion in 5k

At over 5,000 Sq. Ft, explore the largest Free Roam Virtual Reality Immersion in the United States.
At Player One VR World, located in Santa Monica (Los Angeles) we are proud to offer the pinnacle of full body tracking virtual reality technology. Using our exclusive remote rendering stack and the latest Wifi6E wireless technology, we seamlessly stream 4K and even 5K VR with Zero Latency.
We have removed old technology using heavy backpack and clunky wrist/feet trackers.
Experience the #1 Zombie game in the world, Escape Rooms, Laser Tag, Player Vs. Player, Shooters, VR Treadmills & Rides.

*We captured this video in real time on our game, Super Ninja

Anti-Motion Sickness

Motion Sickness technology ensures a smooth and comfortable experience for all users.

Real-time Haptic Feedback

Feel the pulse of the game with our cutting-edge haptic feedback technology, providing instant responses to your actions.

Free Roam

Step out of the box. Experience the freedom of movement in our open-world, free roam virtual reality setting, where every corner is yours to discover and explore.


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Based on 91 reviews
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Cyrus CharnaCyrus Charna
02:38 13 May 24
The staff and experience was excellent! Playing Outbreak was a blast with our group, the VR was incredibly immersive and we had a great time!
Anna WongAnna Wong
02:33 13 May 24
This experience was amazing. Dennis and John were helpful with answering all our questions and made this a great first time experience. The facility is kept very clean and the variety of VR games was large. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants to try VR.
Samantha WavellSamantha Wavell
02:31 13 May 24
My experience at Player One VR World was awesome! I booked a party room and party package for a birthday event. We had help setting up decorations and got to play a 30 minute zombie game called Outbreak. It was a ton of fun and lots of laughs. We also got to play the 360 ride and motorcycle racing and had help from Dennis and John throughout the whole party. Thanks for a great night!! 🙂
Jonathan WavellJonathan Wavell
02:31 13 May 24
This was really fun, recommend doing the open area game, it's legit. They also capture video of the walking area so you can see highlights of your walking around in VR. Dennis and John catered our group party.
Lucie RandallLucie Randall
02:30 13 May 24
Great game options
Jacquelyn YimJacquelyn Yim
02:04 12 May 24
Had a great experience at Player One! The staff were super nice and helpful and went over the popular games. We decided to go with Outbreak and although we only had two players it was still super fun! The VR felt super realistic especially walking through the different areas. Would recommend!
Maximina JusonMaximina Juson
01:03 12 May 24
Wow! This was an incredible experience. I was stunned by how amazing it was. It does cost more than the other VR place around the corner but it’s like the difference between Space Invaders and PS5! The technology in there is cutting edge! Highly recommended. Can’t wait to go back.
Minerva BanuelosMinerva Banuelos
02:19 29 Apr 24
This was our first virtual reality experience and it was by far amazing. We did an escape room and it is much better than a real life one. It felt as if we were in the location for real. I would recommend 10/10 I’m bringing my friends here for the zombie one next!
Lindsey ShamblinLindsey Shamblin
20:35 02 Apr 24
I never leave Google reviews but this place deserves the praise! My son and I were having a spontaneous weekend away in LA and got rained out, which is how we stumbled upon this gem! He’s a gamer, me, not so much but any reason to shoot zombies and I’m in! Glad we tried it, because we have done many VR experiences in the past and this was was THE BEST of them all. Fun, yet challenging levels, and we like a good challenge. Too easy and we would be bored. A large play area to roam and actually move around the map! Which was refreshing. Prepare to break a little sweat equity as you are moving around the map and getting in on the action. Overall we had a blast and the guys who helped us were all so dope! We will definitely be back to run that map again (now that we know what to expect, we have to hit the high score lol) and maybe try some others! 10/10 Highly recommend
Luke DuvalLuke Duval
19:51 12 Mar 24
Wow! The place is enormous and so much fun! So many options of Virtual Reality experiences from Free Roam, Rides, and Treadmills. The games are way better than Sandbox VR and super realistic. Great place for family, kids, and adults. The decor is mixed between vintage modern & futuristic. They got a really cool holograms. Equipment is clean and staff is friendly & professional. Will come back here to book my birthday party for sure!


We believe our VR team building activities are fantastic way to bring people together in a unique, non work related environment. Imagine bringing the entire team together to explore the impossible in free roam virtual reality.

Free Roam Virtual Reality VR in Santa Monica

Zero Latency VR experiences currently at Player One VR World playground

what awaits you in your new virtual world?


Conveniently located near the Santa Monica Pier.
Feel free to contact us any time. We will get back to you as soon as we can!
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Make the impossible a reality in your chosen virtual world.

Team up or compete with friends, family, and colleagues. Work together or battle against each other in an ultra-real virtual world.

Go on an incredible VR journey beyond your imagination.

what to expect when you visit Player One VR World?

If you’re looking for stuff to do near the Santa Monica Pier, look no further than Player One VR World!

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure! Please plan a total of around 1 hour for your visit.

When you arrive at Player One VR World, you’ll be greeted by our friendly hosts who will prepare you for your exciting VR experience.

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What is Free Roam Virtual Reality?

Free Roam Virtual Reality (VR) is a type of advanced VR technology that allows players to move around freely in a virtual environment with no obstructions.


Unlike traditional VR systems, which are tethered with a wire to a computer, free-roam VR allows users the ability to explore their surroundings and interact with objects and other people in the virtual world. With our massive VR arenas, you and your friends/family are able to run around without worrying about hitting a wall or another player.


With our advanced VR tracking we ditched the wires, clunky backpacks, and feet trackers to allow for a pure free roam virtual reality experience. Come on down to Santa Monica/Los Angeles and see why we’re the best in the business!